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Intel - mainly specialising in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, we have an extensive network. Providing access to all leagues including the ANBL, NZNBL, NBL1, U15's-U18's tournaments. and many more. Intel from 2020-2023 NBA draft entrants. Any player is available upon request.

Live Scouting - across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Includes training sessions, pre-season matches, regular season games, off-court events, among others. The leagues attended will include ANBL, NZNBL, NBA global academy, CoE and all domestic competitions. 

Player Scouting Reports - even though concentrated on the Southern Hemisphere, scouting reports will be available on every player from every league upon request, including video. A mix of observational, overall, game-by-game and analytical based reporting.

Team Scouting Reports - reports focused on team improvement, including player combinations and also 

assisting in the preparation for upcoming opponents.  

Network - an open network that can assist with draft & stash options among other support.


Special access - Great insight into the young up and coming talent in both New Zealand and Australia. Access to mangers, coaches and teams for updated information and access. U16's-U19's competitions are covered. 


Logistics - support for any scout and manager that requires access to teams and players. Organising transport, accomodation, game tickets and training session credentials.

Analytics - analytical basketball experience and education. Using my own user-created prediction program and off the shelf programs such as Synergy, SportsCode and InStat. Gives an extra dimension to go along with the live scouting and intel.

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