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Up One Scouting - Basketball services
Subscriptions, consultancy and exclusives available

Currently providing assistance to several NBA teams in the lead up to the NBA Draft. Advice and intel on FA's and possible SL rosters.
We provide live scouting in Australia, New Zealand and across Asia, intel from around the world, analytical insights, scouting reports, video and logistics for scouts, coaches and front office staff

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Worldwide Intel

Intel from any player in every league, assisting in draft preparation and player scouting. This includes the previous and current NBA Drafts. More available and ready to send. Every player in the world available upon request.

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Live Scouting - AUS, NZ & ASIA

Live scouting at all levels across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. This includes training sessions, games, pre-season events and much more. Scouting reports included.


Extra Access

Training session videos

Analytical analysis

Intel requests

Weekly 20 page ANBL reports powered by InStat

U16's - U19's covered

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